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Thanks for Deposit

Thanks for Paying Initial Deposit

Now, we need your details (2-4) & then we create docs for your approval.

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Where & When have you worked to date?

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National Insurance Number


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What's your National Insurance Number?

Don't Know? We need it.
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Prove you paid PRSI /
Social Insurance / Super

How to Do this Fast

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Above are YOUR tasks.
Below are OUR tasks.


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After you pay us the initial deposit of €100 (incl VAT), we take some details from you.
This is either over the phone or by you completing the short questions in our online web form
(The link to this web form is at the top of your “Welcome to XtraPension” email).


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Then we compile documents which we email you.


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You approve the documents or request a refund.


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We immediately print and send your application to HMRC.


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We send you a postage tracking number so you can verify where your application is in the UK post.


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Only when it's received by HMRC, do we charge you an ‘Application Fee’ (€500 incl 23% VAT)
Note that this is charged AUTOMATICALLY to your payment card.


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We send you regular updates until we receive your assessment from HMRC.


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Once we receive your Assessment from HMRC, we check all is correct before sending this to you. (It takes HMRC 8+ months to reply if you're in Europe, and 11+ months if you're not).

Only if the Assessment is POSITIVE, will we now charge you a ‘Success Fee’ of €400 (incl VAT). (Otherwise we refund all fees paid to date)


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We now guide you through the process of what you need to do, which years are cheapest for you to buy and how to proceed before the HMRC payment deadline expires. We also answer any questions you may have.


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At this point, you will then need to pay HMRC directly. We do not handle/manage any client funds intended for HMRC.

(Note that it typically takes an ADDITIONAL 12 months from when you pay HMRC for your voluntary contributions to be reflected on your National Insurance record)


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Most clients then retain us annually as their UK State Pension agent and to keep them updated on UK state pension changes that may impact you.

This also allows us to send you a statement annually as well as a reminder to pay HMRC so you don't lose a valuable year from your pension.
(We charge €149 / year incl 23% VAT for this optional service)


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Get a UK State Pension when you reach State Pension Age.

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