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Hi! I'm Suzana, Managing Director here
at XtraPension

Suzana XtraPension

Born in Brazil with German roots, I qualified as a chartered accountant (CIMA) and worked for many years with large corporate clients internationally.

After a year in London in 2001, I then moved to Ireland where I married and had a family.

Always interested in financial matters, while reviewing my Irish pension entitlements in 2018, I became aware of the massive opportunity that was the UK state pension for people like myself who had left the UK after working there for just a single year.

I knew I was eligible but none of my friends who had also worked there and subsequently left, were aware of this opportunity.

After making many calls and doing extensive research on this with HMRC, Dept of Work & Pensions, tax consultants etc re my entitlements, I could see the enormous opportunity to help people globally claim their full UK entitlements.

The main problem I see is that pensions are seen as boring, scary and confusing for many people but I realised that claiming the UK state pension could be made easy and life-changing for many people.

Unfortunately very few people are aware of this opportunity.

Not having the capacity to deal with the volume of requests for help that I was getting, I've hired a team of specialists who were previously helping mainly former NHS staff who left the UK to claim their UK state pensions.

They have been doing this daily for over a decade so the extensive experience they bring to the XtraPension team here ensures we can handle every question thrown at us regarding UK state pensions!

    I see this opportunity as being a real 'financial no-brainer'. You'd be crazy not to do it if you're eligible whether you try to do it yourself or take the safe approach by using our experience and service. It's essentially 'free money' that's guaranteed by the UK State.

    I'm super passionate about helping people all over the world to claim and maximise their entitlements to a UK pension as cheaply as possible - because that's what UK law allows.

    Please review everything on this site and ensure you closely follow the instructions before paying us anything to ensure we can deliver an excellent outcome for you.

    My team and I look forward to helping you claim your UK State Pension!

    Best wishes
    Suzana Laier

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