UK'Pension Keeper'

Your UK State Pension is Our Priority

Why Is This Important?
Missing out on just 1 year of National Insurance will cost you €8,000 over 20 years.

What's Included:

Peace of Mind:
Keep on track with any future National Insurance payments to not miss out on a year.

HMRC Errors
We identify & challenge errors in HMRC responses to you based on our system knowledge.

UK State Pension Updates:
Stay informed about changes in UK state pension rules that can impact your entitlements.

Dispute Resolution:
We help you resolve any disputes with Dept for Work and Pensions (DWP) regarding entitlements.

Ongoing Pension Support:
It's often slow to contact HMRC. We provide faster answers to common questions.

Deferral Advice:
We guide you on the pros and cons of deferring your UK State Pension.

Benefit Entitlement Checks:
We check your entitlement to extra benefits like Winter Fuel Payments etc.

Claiming UK State Pension
We guide you on all aspects of doing this and how it impacts on other (non-UK) state pensions.

Remember: A UK State Pension is for the rest of your life. Look after it!
Costs €125 Annually

Did You Work for 1+ Years in the UK?

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